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New to me F-150 tune up info needed.

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I bought a 2002 F-150 Crew Cab a few weeks ago. It was a farm truck before I got it. I think I've washed off and or vacuumed out a couple acres of South Texas dirt from it.

It has a slight misfire at idle that I've been working on. I changed the IAC valve, fuel filter and I am in the process of changing the C.O.P.S. and plugs. The 4 plugs I already changed looked good. It's a 4.6 with a little over 133,000 on it. If what I'm doing now doesn't get rid of the misfire, I'm thinking new MAF and maybe the EGR valve. Any other suggestions?
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I've done 6 of the 8 plugs. All look to be in range. Motorcraft plugs and C.O.P.S., so that leads me to believe they were never changed. I broke off a stud holding one C.O.P. down, and that sucks, but I did a workaround, and it should be okay.

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