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New Turbo on the way for the 4.6 L

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I was at Turbo Technology in Tacoma WA getting a dyno done, and they indicated that they are working on a new Turbo for the 4.6 L engine. They are going to use my bullitt as the prototype. They would love to get emails of interest. If you have questions or interest, check them out and email them. They have a great reputation as the 5.0 L crowd is well aware off.

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I think Turbo Concepts has a set up for the 4.6 and the cost is about the same as a blower from Vortech. Turbo Concepts claim to fame is that their system develops the same or more power and is not as hard on the engine. Don't know how much more difficult (or easier) the install would be.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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