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New Turbo on the way for the 4.6 L

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I was at Turbo Technology in Tacoma WA getting a dyno done, and they indicated that they are working on a new Turbo for the 4.6 L engine. They are going to use my bullitt as the prototype. They would love to get emails of interest. If you have questions or interest, check them out and email them. They have a great reputation as the 5.0 L crowd is well aware off.

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wounder how much that is going to cost
A budy of mine, build up mustangs to make them nasty nasty mean fast and sells them, well we were working on a friends 96V6 and he wanted to throw a turbo on it. It was a nogo, we got the turbo but they said the wireing was crazy on the install so they never did it, as far as I know
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On 2002-01-22 07:17, Dona wrote:
Hey, 4075 - looking good on those signatures!!

:nerd: Dona

It reminds me of a bad trip a friend of mine once had
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