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hey guys how u all doing:question:

well i dont have a bullit :frown:

i want one really reeallly bad lol i go up to my dealership about once ore twice aweek and stare at it lol dhg 09 its a thing of beauty lol

i have a toyota tacoma x-runner dont bash lol
its a fun pick up but just dosent get the job done lol

my plan is to save up a nice chunk of change and put a good down payment on the car so im not backwards

i probally wont post much i dont wanna get in your guys hair lol but i will be lurking around reading checking out the sweet rides lol im not new to the mustang world i have about 4 5 years of mm&ff up in my room and i still get them to this day so im not that big of a newb lol

thanks for the warm welcome and maybe one day i can share the same enthusiasm u guys have for these cars

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This is my first post. My Welcome thread is here. Please post all my welcome messages there.


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That's cool. Welcome to IMBOC!:smile: :dhg01:
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