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DHG #2632 has been claimed.:grin: :grin: :grin: Well, I suppose somebody had to buy it and I'm glad it was me - at least so far! I know, it's hard to imagine at this late date that 1 or 2 new northern Bullitts are still in the dealerships but as far as I know there's only one left now! #2632 is out of Taylor Ford in Halifax, Nova Scotia - this has to be the same car that was mentioned in a post a short while ago ("Bullitts in Atlantic Canada"). According to my local dealer there were only 2 left in Canada. One biggie though, Bullitt has to be shipped by rail cross-country from the right coast in Nova Scotia to the left coast on Vancouver Island where I live but at least the kilometres (miles) aren’t going on the odometer (6400 km/3800 mi). So, here’s a question for ya: do you think I have some kind of temporary sickness that can be treated quickly or am I just another Bullitthead without hope? I think I know the answer but my wife isn't so sure. :roll: So, WhiskyCreek, if all goes well it looks like there will soon be another Bullitt coming to the Island but, man, 2 weeks is going to be a very long wait! I think I’ll try to ease the pain by ordering some parts right away from MGW and Haney Motorsport.

Yes, I’m a newbie but I’ve actually been following this board on a regular basis for months now. A great site! :cool: Cheers.
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Way to go Mojo!!!. It's amazing that at this late date you found a new Bullitt. We love Victoria and will certainly be cruizing there when the weather permits. (woke up to snow this morning after two beautiful spring-like days). Would love to meet you. Congratulations and welcome to the club.

:grin:: :grin:: :grin::
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