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I have heard that once you own a pair of Knipex pliers, you will never own another brand again.
I want a pair of Knipex Cobra pliers but I just can’t justify the price but I hear great things about them!

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16,596 Posts's true. I bought a pair of Cobras after a service guy here suggested them to me. After getting those, I had to order the twin grips. Hopefully that will be enough for me...already have a pretty good selection of other brands that have served me well. But knipex? Kinda the Ferrari of pliers...except a working stiff can afford a few pair. Let's put it another way...if I won a big lottery and was selecting that big rollaway chest full of the best tools? Most would be snap-on...except the pliers drawer.

Dunno if I should post this here..renowned NFL coach Tony Dungy prediction the Cowboys-49ers game:
Why Cowboys have 'very little chance' to beat 49ers, per Tony Dungy (

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While we're waiting...some pool match humor.

Watched an old 8 ball match last night. Commentators running these streams try to get players not at a table to join them, adding expertise to the stream. Glad I wasn't drinking anything when I heard this one. Would have gone out my nose. Shane Van Boening, the top USA player, had won the lag, had just made a great break, the balls spread out nicely.

Commentator, hoping for a long discussion of the table layout, the patterns displayed, etc. asked the player: "What do you think Shane's going to do?"

Player: "I think he's going to run out, Jerry."


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Rest in Peace, David...

Face Photograph Smile Jaw Beard

Every time I think of David Crosby, I remember Crosby, Stills and Nash. And every time I think of Crosby, Stills and Nash, I think of Peace, Love and this song...


It's getting to the point
Where I'm no fun anymore
I am sorry
Sometimes it hurts so badly
I must cry out loud
I am lonely
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
And you make it hard

Remember what we've said and done and felt
About each other
Oh babe, have mercy
Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now
I am not dreaming.
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
And you make it hard

Tearing yourself away from me now
You are free and I am crying
This does not mean I don't love you
I do, that's forever, yes and for always
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
And you make it hard

Something inside is telling me that
I've got your secret. Are you still listening?
Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart
And I love you.

I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are
And you make it hard,
And you make it hard

Friday evening, Sunday in the afternoon
What have you got to lose?
Tuesday mornin', please be gone I'm tired of you.
What have you got to lose?
Can I tell it like it is? Help me I'm sufferin'
Listen to me baby-Help me I'm dyin'
It's my heart that's a sufferin', it's a dyin'
That's what I have to lose
I've got an answer
I'm going to fly away
What have I got to lose?
Will you come see me
Thursdays and Saturdays?
What have you got to lose?

Chestnut brown canary
Ruby throated sparrow
Sing a song don't be long
Thrill me to the marrow
Voices of the angels ring around the moonlight
Asking me, said she so free
How can you catch the sparrow?
Lacy, lilting, lady, losing love, lamenting

Change my life, make it right
Be my lady.
Doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo

At the end of the Suite, Stephen Stills sings the following Spanish lines:
Que linda me la traiga Cuba,
La reina de la Mar Caribe.
Cielo sol no tiene sangreahi,
Why que triste que no puedo vaya,
Oh va, oh va, va.
---By Stephen Stills
Copyright Wixen Music Publishing o/b/o Gold Hill Music

👆 Loosely translated that is:
How happy it makes me to think of Cuba,
The Queen of the Caribbean Sea,
Sunny sky has no blood, and how sad
That I'm not able to go
Oh go, oh go, go


All about Suite: Judy Blue Eyes @

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Bills and Niners
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Always glad to hear Reiana..
Laughed through usual
Great cover, Jimbob. But sadly...far too many people goin' to San Antone these days.
You use the word "people" very loosely, partner. More like "swarm of illegals goin' to San Antone."

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Asphalt Wheel Mode of transport

"Feed me, clothe me, gimme place to stay for free, Mr. Joe! We vote for you, we promise!"
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