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No key hole on passenger door..

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Is this exclusive to the Bullitt or do all Mustangs come this way? If so, why?

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DanTheMan, howdy!

I think all Mustangs come this way.
I think Ford is cutting down on costs by not
having a manual lock system on the passenger
side. Don't know for sure.
All I know is if we had the lock there, we would be 3/4 of a second slower in the 1/4 mile. :lol: It's all weight savings!! :grin:
I hate to say it, but until I read it here in another post, I never noticed no key hole on the passenger's door. Makes it look cleaner IMO.
Used the key one time at the dealer to make
sure it worked...that was the last time.
Yeah, I have yet to use the key. Always use the remote! If anything, avoids scratching the area around the lock.

So do all Mustangs come this way? Any other Ford car come like this?

What's up PY?
I rented a 01 v6 mustang vert last summer it didn't have a lock on the passager door
Anyone know why this is?
I believe most, if not all Ford products, do not have the passenger door key cylinder. With the advent of the remote entry fob, the passenger door key cylinder is redundant (read: cost reduction). Those vehicles without the remote key fob have the driver side door key cylinder.
Because it's the new milenium. We're in the future.
I have heard that it is due to savings in production, but has been piggy-backed to make it look like a safety feature. Maybe Canadians car jack from the passenger door:D Just kidding my Northern neighbors!!!
Used the key once to check the door and the trunk when I first got the car. Haven't used it since.
I was told by my salesman that the driver's side only keyhole is part of a "Single Point of Entry" concept implemented to help reduce vehicle theft.
Sounds like good marketing spin to me<G>. Could be true though. I guess if I loose the key I could use my Laptop to break in to the car<G>.

Take care.

The first time that I noticed this was on the 2000 Expedition I drive for a company car. I just walked out to my F-150 which I bought new in 1999 and yes, it too is missing the keyhole! :eek: So, curiosity getting the best of me, I checked both my Bullitt and the Explorer. No passenger keyhole. Due to the size of the Ford key, sometimes it makes sense not to carry all the remotes. Is this really a better idea? I can still do an old fashioned key entry from the passenger side of the Boss. :LOL
I guess I will have to go out and check my door and trunk now and make sure the key works...... never though of using the key for that :smile:
I guess I will have to go out and check my door and trunk now and make sure the key works...... never though of using the key for that :smile:
Do any other car companies have the same thing?
Yes, I was at the L.A. auto show and I noticed that most cars that have the remote entry only have a keyhole on the driver side. I think it's an industry-wide thing.
My 2002 Exploder doesn't have a passenger door keyhole either.
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