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No more headlight spots and BULLITT sighting

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Got new spot free headlamps installed in 4165 today. Only took them 2+ weeks to get them in and all day to do the swap, but they are in. They refused to do anything about the digger in the LF caliper. Also in for service was DHG #1271, I spotted it in the parking lot by. I wasn't able to speak to the owner and they wouldn't tell me it why it was there, but it had been there for over a week. I had to con a service guy to finding the keys and letting me check the number. I was at Sill-Terhar Ford in Broomfield, CO.
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No doubt, I'll give that a shot. I have to go back in next week and have them set the alarm so it doesn't honk the horn every time I unlock te doors. I could do it myself, but damn it, its a brand new car!!
Yeah buddy! I'm hoping for a good game anyway, Donkeys should be fired up after getting spanked by the Raiduh's. Drew was impressive in his debuet last week
And that, my friend, is pretty much the only reason the Donkeys have a chance at this point.
Thanks man, I'm glad they didn't put Brees in, and I do hope Harrison isn't out for too long. He's up there with Jr. as one of my favorite non Bronco players. How did you like that 2-9 defense? I hadn't seen that since the GB Superbowl.
I hear that. Had to stop letting Bronco losses ruin my week. I agree on Brees, that could have changed things significantly. I think Flutie was suffering a concussion hang over which disrupted his timing. Tomlinson continued to impress. THAT is the kind of D I expected from a Rhodes coached group from the git-go. Have to wait until Dec. 9 to continue the Donkey AFC West revenge tour :wink:

BTW, who do I send the number of the Bullitt I touched at the Furd dealership this weekend to so it can be at least listed as a legit sighting?

Chris Pedersen

Stock... for now :wink:

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Right on, gotcha...
SAD :sad:
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