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NO. Va. get together

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I propose that all of us Bullittheads that live in the Northern Va. area get together for dinner some night here soon and go over each others cars and get to know one another. I live in Alexandria and I know there are 3 or 4 others out there within 20 mins of me. I have yet to see another Bullitt on the road and it would be nice to meet some of you folks. Let me know if you are interested. - David
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David, I'm interested. I'm in the Baltimore area. Let me know....
How about somewhere in Dale City,so some of the southern Va.guys can join in?
Hey, Christine and I may drive up from NC if it's on the weekend! We travel up to DC about once a month. Just let us know when and we'll try to make it.

hey bullittbro2 ( my brother has been trying to get a meet together for some time. He is near Manassas. Email me with the info and I will relay it to him. I would love to bring mine, But it is in storage while I am over seas.
Travis [email protected]
from Annapolis area, meeting sounds like great idea, will keep up with post for more info
blkbullitt 2455
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