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Nominations Needed for the 2007 Cardone-Lindberg "Spirit of the Bullitt" Award

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Nominations Needed for the 2007 Cardone-Lindberg "Spirit of the Bullitt" Award

Kurt was last year’s recipient of this award and we would like to continue this tradition. So here is everyone's task.

PM or email me with your nominations for the individual that exemplifies what it means to own a Bullitt. The one person that is always helping out on the site, goes above and beyond when questions are asked, promotes IMBOC and shows his/her Bullitt with pride. A true total BULLITTHEAD!

Basically someone that eats, sleeps, breathes and lives for the BULLITT.

When nominating an individual you will need to explain why this individual is deserving and what it is that this person does to further the "Spirit of the Bullitt."

For those that don't know here is a little background. This is a memorial thread that sums up what Fred was about.

And Chris Lindberg Thoughts from Nick Terzes:

"Chris embodied the Mustang spirit. He raced them, he showed them, he engineered them, he built them and he enjoyed them with his friends and family. He took great pride in being a part of "Team Mustang" and when it came to the Bullitt, the car fit him like a glove. Chris was always willing to help and promoted the Mustang hobby whenever he had the chance. He is missed band remembered by all."

Here is the post concerning Chris' passing.

Chris was 10bullitt on IMBOC.



[email protected]
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Very cool, thanks all!

Greg, now I know that you're getting an over-flow of nominations for me (Toys-r-Me!) :redface: and I just want to let you know that even with my very busy schedule, I will make time to accept this prestigious award with sincere and modest gratitude.

Thanks to all that have nominated me, I truly am touched! (<---read that however you want :lol: )
p.i.t.a.??? Me? You have me confused with somebody else! I would never be like that! :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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