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If any of you watched Speedvision last night,they were showing film footage of the 1957 Daytona Beach Speed runs,and the 1st Daytona 500 in 1959,and the 60,67 races. Now thats what is needed today.....For NASCAR to get back to REAL STOCK CARS,but with requiered safety features. There were 56 cars in the 59 race,Pontiacs,Fords,Mercurys,Oldsmobiles,Buicks, all of them. They were running 146 MPH,all day!! All cars were checked top and bottom for correct factory part numbers,and engine specs,as sold off the showroom floor. Now if this were the case today.....I would start watching/attending the races today!!!
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NASCAR makes money by selling the drivers-not the cars. If they could get away with it they would be a "spec" series-nobody gets an advantage. Hey-sort of like the NFL!!!
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