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NPD 13th annual car show

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Well i went last year and we had 3 BULLITTs that parked together, a green blue and black which was good. there wer others there as well though, but id like to see more people show up this time. Im going for sure, My father is bringing his 68' and my friend is bringing his 04 GT who all wants to go, i say we meet at the Steak and Shake like last year. here is the link to the registration:
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oh, why not. Here's a few more...


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Great pictures, wish I could have made the trip. hopefully next year. Looks like a fun event.
Once again it was great to meet up with all the Bullitt owners and experience the show together. Many thanx to FCMC Bullitt for his assistance in obtaining my third sticker.

It was nice to park together and then take the final pics by the river. Bullitt owners are the greatest and it proves once again why I am on this site and a member of this club. It is nice to be proud of the club you are associated with and the people who make it up. I will try to post some of the pics I took. I am already looking forward to Tulsa and this show again next January.
Yes it was nice to meet up with everyone, and ill have to get my 3rd sticker as well.
...and Dragon, thank you again for the grille. I've put it in my car already and I've started work on my "secret project" grille.
KevTrish said:
...and Dragon, thank you again for the grille. I've put it in my car already and I've started work on my "secret project" grille.
You are more than welcome!!!!

Heres a few that I took.

Real nice to meet everyone also. Had a great time with everyone. Hope to do it again next year!

Heres a small walk vid of the Bullitts.
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Thanks everyone for the pictures.
Hey i dont remember that girl with the stang???? how did i miss her!?!?!
Hahahaa.... she was all over that car posing. And giving out free shirts.
Oh wait yeah i think i remember now, some guy said some gal was pasing out free t-shirts and the shirt had a photo of their car on it lol.
yeah after the guy told me i was like wth lol oh yeah he was one of the GT500 owners, he only paid 1,000 over invoice.
As you can tell we had a great time at this event even though I decided to keep #776 in the garage.

Last thing I needed was a problem while I'm trying to sell her.

BTW the next get together of Florida Bullitt owners will be the Mid Florida Mustang Stampeed in late February - I believe it's Sat. the 24th.

I'll start a new thread when I can link the application.

It is a terrific show wuith over 280 cars at a very nice site .
Stay tuned.
the guy who owned this car was a dick though. he started yelling and holerin at me when i was backing up into the spot next to him cause he thought i was going to hit his car. and after i didnt he started glaring me and looking at me all hard. i was happy i was in a good mood and my folks wer sittin there cause i wanted to get out and beat him.

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