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OEM Air Filter PN change

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Old part number is FA-1634 has been replaced with FA-1632
The new filter is a very tight fit and you will probably have to press it onto the MAF first and then into the filter housing. You may have to use a screwdriver to actually push the edge of the filter into the housing.

For the heck of it I took my filter apart. Over 19 feet long. Looked to be about 1150 SQ inches.
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Installed Kold Air system by KarKraft on #2892. On sale for $129 including K&N filter,gasket and all hardware! Very tight fit -- had to remove snorkel from intake, install KoldAir system with MAF meter attached as a unit then reattach snorkel to intake. SOUNDS better than stock but haven't had on long enough to evaluate performance or mileage changes. Anyone else installed one of these units on a Bullitt? It is slick on my Cobra!

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