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Bullitt's suspension translates this power into crisp road manners. The vehicle is lowered three-fourths
of an inch to generate a firmer, better-balanced ride and improved handling
characteristics. The performance-handling package includes:
? Re-valved Tokico struts and shocks
? Unique stabilizer bars (front and rear)
? Frame rail connectors
Thirteen-inch Brembo front rotors and performance calipers provide excellent stopping
capability. The calipers are painted red and are visible through the 17-inch wheel spokes when
the car is parked, or when it is cruising the streets of San Francisco.
?Bullitt is quick off the line, handles great, stops fast and shifts easily with improved pedal
relationship,? says Art Hyde, Mustang chief program engineer. ?This is the best performing GT
we have ever produced.?
Inside, Bullitt features performance bucket seats with Dark Charcoal leather trim. A brushed
aluminum shifter ball, shifter bezel, door sill plates with Bullitt nomenclature and aluminum
pedal covers accent the interior?s performance appearance. The instrument cluster gives a
modern look to 1960?s interiors with unique curved numeric speedometer graphics and a white-lit
"With the Mustang Bullitt, we have a lot of functional features that would make Steve McQueen
and Detective Frank Bullitt proud today," says O'Connor. "Bullitt has elevated the GT into an
unforgettable car that enhances Ford's performance reputation and builds on Mustang?s
performance tradition that began with vehicles like the Mach 1, Boss 302 and the 428 Cobra Jet."
All these features are included for a package price of $3,695 MSRP. There will be a limited
production of about 6,500 Mustang Bullitt GTs built on the same line of the Dearborn Assembly
Plant that produces the V6, GT and Cobra Mustangs. Each Bullitt will come with a unique
serialized identification label from the factory to ensure exclusivity and collectability. PROBABLY BEEN READ BY ALL, BUT STILL FUN!!

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Yep...still fun! :smile:
Thanks for that Pony XTC.
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