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Official Word From Ford About the Rattle

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I was wondering if there is anything official from Ford about the death rattle. I'm taking 5082 in for service on Saturday and my dealer knows nothing about the rattle. I wanted to show them something in writing other than what's here. Thanks
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On 2002-03-05 18:26, pgrtag wrote:
I read that one guy got a free 75k mile warranty from Ford because of the rattle.


That would be me.

I'm not sure of the protocol on this. you might get lucky and get one off the bat for this noise.

If you can, get the Service Manager to drive a new one off the lot to see if it will make the noise. It should erase any notions of putting a new engine in your car in their minds and it should pretty much qualify you for the ext warranty.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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