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Oh, the inhumanity of it all!!!

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damnit, 6 inches yesterday :(

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So where'd all the soap suds come from??:cool: :cool:
Use the first photo for this years Christmas card....
Just missed these for the calendar. Would be great for one of the winter months. Use them for next year, especially the last one!
My wife claims us guys don't know how to measure...
Wow, I've heard of this mythical stuff called 'snow,' but never thought I'd ever see it.

Thanks for the photos, Mike. I'll know what to look for if ever some should land around here!

Actually, I have a better chance of seeing a UFO piloted by Elvis!

We have to make our 'snowmen' out of adobe! ...And the 'snowball fights?'

OUCH! Danged near lethal!

:D :D :D :D
With BULLITTS, one does not wipe off the snow.

One drives at least 90 mph and blows it off!

Man that is some serious White-Stuff on the Bullitt...........

But the Pics look Great.........

I'm glad that is NOT going on here though as I would be like out in it parking vehicles at the

Acura Dealer I work at.

That would be like Cold........

I'm from Kentucky and when I was Young (Along-Time-Ago) we had Snow like that.

I like the Last Pic the most.......

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I do not envy you.


Not at all....

Move South! ;)
awe it just looks like a big white fuzzy blanky keeping your bullitt all snuggly and warm :)
Oh no no NO...what's it doing OUTDOORS...?
I'd send a photo of mine, wintering in Germany, but it'd just be a photo of the garage doors...
heh, thanks all.

Been awhile since that much has fallen at once here, unfortunately it fell just prior to my moving her into the back under cover (a long story for a different time). Be moving her later today, but the damage has been done, she's seen the white crap :(

As far moving south, unless something good happens at work soon, I will probably be doing that very thing very soon. Hmmm, maybe if I can time it right, I can work it out so I can attend the presentation ceremony in January... ;)
Madpoodle said:
My wife claims us guys don't know how to measure...

Doh, I just got that...

The last photo is definitively the best of the litter...

Glad that's you, and not me!:wink:

I left because I hated to see everything that I worked to build up, rot down. My house, my car, my yard...I left.
Now I remember why I left the north, snow.
And that has a great deal to do with why I want to/plan to leave...
A little snow is fine. Just keep it off the roads if you can, far away from the salt. Great pics.

On A Bullitt?


A ...... M-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-D-HOUSE!
wabirch said:
A little snow is fine. Just keep it off the roads if you can, far away from the salt. Great pics.
Thanks. :)

You better believe It'll be staying away from roads. Lots of salt right now. Although, I don't think we get it near as bad as many of my eastern neighbours, I've seen some very scary pics of the salt they get.
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