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Had an intersting experience with a last-generation M5. Was heading home from work and was behind this black M5 most of the way. Didn't think much of it other than the fact I noted it was an M5. The last turn before my street is on a straight +/- 1 mile stretch. Often, I will get on it a little at this turn. I guess the M5 was watching in his rearview because when I fish-tailed a little making the turn, he took off. I wasn't looking for a race but I stayed with him up to about 90 when he had to brake for some RR tracks.

When I did some checking, road tests show that the last generation M5 had about 330 HP and about the same 0-60 (5.5-5.7 sec)and 1/4 (around 14 flat) times as the Bullitt, so I guess it should have been about even.
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