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On a sad note.............

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Just found out my car buddy neighbor,died very suddenly at home last night. I last talked to him Saturday, as he pulled up in his newest musclecar purchase....A restored 1966 Corvette convert,with numbers matching 327/365 HP,4 spd. That was the solid lifter,carbed engine. Only 53 yrs.old and seemed plenty healthy,he was all smiles as we talked about the Vette. And you know,he really liked that Bullitt of mine,thought it was real cool. We will miss him around here. You never know when it's your turn,enjoy your Bullitt when you drive it!!! I will.

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Sorry to hear about your neighbor MUS408. Truly sad however,just goes to show you how life is so fragile, one moment your here, and the next your already gone.Kind of puts things in perspective,so next time you are close to a loved one, take advantage and show them how much they mean to you. And next time you have the chance , smoke those Goodyears ,in Memory of your buddy!
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