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onboard computer , tachs are off and so are speedos ...

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Well here goes ... dont know if i should tell you all this but your tachometr and speedometer are all off by 100-150 rpms and speed by 2 - 3 mph ... If you wanna know the real deal before you start your bullitt hold down the trip reset button until it flashes the word test, then continue to hit button till it comes up eng or m or tach ...
this will give you a true reading .. and if you decide to ever install a gear this will benefit you to.. it gives you engine speed not gear speed .. It also .. runs your ohms on all 8 cylinders ... gas mileage and or average fuel used ... hoope it all benefits you ... it did me ... just a little something i learned along the way ... talk to you all later

remember hold down the button while starting the car and let up as soon as it goes through the motions ... you will enjoy this feature ...
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Played with this on Thursday of last week and noticed the same thing. In addition to this my odometer does not show the tenths accurately. A 4 shows up as an "H" and the 9 shows up as an "8", goes from 8 to 0.
Look at this topic it may help you get your speedo digital

I run mine in MPH every day
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Yes the analog gauges will be off compared to the digital ones its a fact of life....

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Hello all,
If I did not formally introduce myself, I applogize, I'm RenegadeBullitt (Mike). Like this site very much. Much good info. Anyway, in reference to the engine versus gear speed, I believe bdspony referred to engine speed and not gear speed.
Also, It is interesting that the dtc 5284 code comes up alot on different peoples cars. When I put mine in test mode the first time, this same code came up. So, it seems a common problem(?) on our cares. However, I have a theory about why it shows up. Being as the oil pressure sender is only sensor that senses liquid pressure, maybe when the value is zero (in test mode) it triggers this dtc? All I know is when this code is set and if you have the engine running, the digital oil pressure reads zero.
Has anybody tried to set the test mode when the engine is running? And, I assume a scanner is needed to reset the dtc?

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I believe if you disconnect the battery for like 15 mins it will reset it.
Does anyone have a list to what the codes and letters are?
I have some of them listed on one of my web pages.
I had gotten all this info off of other sites and I have yet to varify it with the 2001 manual.

I went through the CD-ROM manual and it is kind of hard because all of the codes are broken down by system and they are not all in one place. (I am sure Ford paid a lot of money to have this CD-ROM produced, but being a Knowledge Base Administrator and helping people to get to info they need, they got ROBBED)
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