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One Year Ago, Today

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Just reminiscing ... one year ago, today ...

I set off for an adventure ... it started when I drove from Northern California to Claremont in Southern California to leave my Bullitt at Kurt's brothers house ...

This is the Bullitt at 4:00am in the morning :), while I waited for a shuttle to pick me up to take me to LAX ... to begin the trip to Chicago ...


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WOW! I was just thinking about this yesterday as I was plotting my course for next weeks adventure to this years Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show.

Great times, good pictures. Last years trip will be etched in my mind for some years to come, even if I didn't make the entire route with the Hoondog Planners, I did more than the last half....:)
Heck Mike, you were just across the hi-way in the Hotel parking lot..... ;-)
67_Bullitt said:
Or at the Autozone buying parts.

You are bringing spares this time around. Right?

Don't forget the tape!

6treva9 said:
<---and duct tape, don't forget the duct tape!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
You just had to mention man's best tool. Didn't you?:cool:
Mayhem said:
I too was thinking about our trip last year and how much I enjoyed driving across the country. Traveling with my daughter was a blast! We had a great time with the group and built some lasting memories no doubt about that. Truth be told after only a few weeks at home I was ready to go west again.

I have driven to many places here in the states and in several countries but driving westward across this great land, well there just is no match.

Thanks for the post!
Well said. :cool:

I think we can all reflect on this and agree to what you posted in our own personal way. :dhg01: :dhg01:

Glad to be your friend, and one of your family.:smile:
Okay, how about next year? Right after the WDC in Detroit....Yeow! ;-)

Really, thinking about the Lincoln highway next.

Remember, MAA tour for next year is from Santa Monica to NC for the 50th. Isn't that in the early summer?
1 - 6 of 65 Posts
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