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You can now order the 2020 calendars that have photos selected by IMBOC members. There are 4 covers available - one for the standard size (11" x 8.5") three for the premium (~13.5" x 19" - see note below). We had 3 great photos that were cover-worthy this year!

NOTE: As per, their current printing company asks us to size the premium calendar for 13.5" x 19" dimensions but in the US market, we get a finished product that is sized 12.5" x 17.25". I was told they switched companies a few years back.

These are sold at cost, and you choose your shipping option at checkout time. A preview of all the photos in the calendar can be found on the pages linked below. Look for the 'Preview' right under the thumbnail for the covers.

order link for standard
order link for premium cover 1
order link for premium cover 2
order link for premium cover 3
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