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Original Eleanor Movie Car at Mecum

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I see Mecum Auto Auctions is promoting an Original Eleanor Movie Car for it's May auction in Indy.

Since this particular 67 Mustang is documented as one of the "real" Eleanors used in the filming of Gone in 60 Seconds, could it give an indication of what the surviving Bullitt Mustang could be worth?

The only problem, Nicholas Cage is no Steve McQueen!:lol:

IMO, the original 1968, GT, S-Code, HG, Fastback would fetch a significantly larger number than this "Movie Car."
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In the newer movies they used so many different cars (camera shots, jumps, actions scenes, etc...) while the older movies like Bullitt used fewer cars. If I remember right they used two Mustangs for the movie, so that alone should drive the price up if it ever goes up for sale.
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