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Orlando Speedworld = Big Fun

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Well not really. As some of you might notice, I usually have some kind of rant about this place. Last week at Funday Sunday (ironically it really isn't fun) I sat in line for over 5 hours for one 1/8 mile run. Tonight was equally as exciting.

I got a whole 1/4 mile run tonight! Woohoo! Just before I got my "one" run, someone oiled down the top end of the track. It was 9:15. They announced it would take about 20 minutes to clean up. If this were true, I could get back in the staging lanes before the 10pm cut-off. But as anyone who has been to Orlando knows, cleanup will take exactly how many ever minutes it is until the staging lanes close. In other words if it happens at 9:15, cleanup will take 45 minutes. If it happens at 9:45, it will take 15 minutes. Get the idea? Well, as you might guess they finished their cleanup at 10:02 and promply announce "the staging lanes are now closed".

On top of this, I get to look at two stock Civics sitting in the waterbox while the cleanup is going on. Orlando + FWD cars + water = stellar numbers for the people behind them :roll: And that was just the case.

I can report that I can still run 13.97 with a 2.26 short time. I sure am glad I heated the hell out of the Nittos for that. Orlando really is like a circus that caters to a bunch of clowns in rice.
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God that SUCKS !! I almost went last night too !! I couldn't find any one who wanted to go up there with me :sad: ~ What car RUINED it for everyone else ? That absolutley F'N kills me when some Mullitt-wearin' ******* pulls up in his '7-(insert # 0-9 here) Camaro that barely runs and really has NO business at the track. He runs anyway and donates all of his motor's vital fluids to the "Track-God" They really should have a night just for STREET CARS !!!! ESPECIALLY when the "pro-stock" and bikes get MORE runs than the cars !! Let's do the math just for a second ... $10 X 150+ streetcars =$1500+ OR $10 X (maybe)20 bikes =$200 or $10 X (maybe)20 Pro-Stock cars =$200 ...HHMMM well now let's see .. who do you think they make more $money on ? could it be ? streetcars? so it would make sense to let the "streetcars" have their OWN friggin night !!?? so MAYBE just maybe we can get in as many runs as the Bikes or Pro-stocks ? Because on any given trip to the track I have NEVER EVER EVER gotten in more than 2 runs in 4 1/2 to 5 hours !! But hey at least I got to watch the bikes and pro-stock get in their 6+ runs :evil:

Well I guess I'm done now :lol:

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