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Hi Guys,
After many OTDs at Waterford Hills in Clarkston, Michigan, I tried my skills at a bigger track.

Gratton Raceway near Grand Rapids, Michigan was the location for an OTD hosted by 3 Balls Racing.

What a day! What a track! Two miles! A 3200 foot front straight! 125 MPH then braking into a right turn at the end of the straight.

Red line (6000 rpm) in 4th gear with 373s. The Bullitt/Cobra brakes and Powerslot Kryo rotors do a great job of slowing the car down to turning speed in a minimum of distance.

Toyo RA1 DOT competition tires really stick.

The track has a "JUMP" (although I never became airborne). It is a steep short blind hill followed by a short braking distance into a right turn. What a blast!
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