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Our Bullitt is far from our first or only stang. We've been through approximately 70 since 1984.
What other stangs have you or do you own?

Presently our stable includes 11 others:
1964.5 Pace car coupe - mine
1965 HIPO 289 convertible (awaiting concours restoration) - mine
1965 HIPO 289 coupe (restomod project) - hubby's
1966 Playboy pink 289 auto coupe - mine
1966 289 auto coupe - son's
1966 289 4spd convertible - son's
1966 HIPO GT convertible - hubby's most precious!
1985 LX 5.0 coupe - son's modified
1990 LX 5.0 convertible - son's stock
1993 GT 5.0 hatchback - daughter's
1997 GT coupe - mine
2001 GT Bullitt - ours

As you can see there is a gap between 66-85, we planned to add a 70 Mach 1 this year, but the Bullitt came as the surprise child.
I hope to get photos of "Frank" with his siblings soon.

Some of them can be seen at this page or through links in it:


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On 2001-05-23 03:50, 1NastyFordGT wrote:
Besides the Bullitt I have;

'70 351W Coupe (owned since new)
'97 GT coupe (now my son's)
'95 Contour (wife's)
'76 F-150 4X4 (Mine)
'71 Bronco (owned since new, now my son's)
'79 Bronco Highly Modified (Mine)
'70 Lincoln MK III (mine)

plus a Harley, 3 Hondas, a very hot 2180 VW Sand Rail and a Ranger ski boat!

I cry at registration and insurance payment time! :sad:

Okay, here I was upset at the number of vehicles I have. I am a whiner! :smile:

We have a 98 Suburban (family truckster.. hauls the 4 boys (and their hockey gear) to the rinks and such. :smile:

95 Impala SS (my daily driver that now sits in the driveway more than not). Warthog on here, came over saturday night and said he swears it whispered to him "kill the Bullitt!" :wink:

1985 Fiat Spyder (that needs some body work and some tweaking, and is up for sale)

And my new baby. :smile:

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2000 Mustang Feature GT coupe (current driver)
1989 Mustang 5.0 LX Sport
1988 Mustang LX
1975 Mustang Mach 1

1993 T-Bird 5.0 LX (w/4.10 Traction-Lok!!!)
1990 T-Bird
1988 T-Bird Turbo Coupe (still own & drive it)

Then the non-Fords:
1968 Pontiac GTO, 1972 Chevy Nova w/tunnel rammed Vette 427, 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x2 w/318/5spd/3.55's, 1970 Buick LeSabre w/factory hipo 350 V8, a lots of family cars/vans for the wife & kids.

I love all fast cars, but always end up coming back to Mustangs!

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The full list (I think).


2001 DHG Bullitt Mustang :bullitt:
1995 Impala SS
1998 Chevy Suburban (Family Truckster)
1985 Fiat (Pininfarina) Spyder (first $2000 takes it!)

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (w/210 hp V6)
1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1985 Mustang GT Black on Gray (I'd still have this if we didn't have to buy our first house in '91 :smile:)
1973 Dodge Charger
1986 Mustang GT (Red on Gray)
1983 Mustang GT (Charcoal on Ox Blood :smile:
1977 Firebird (Canary yellow with V6.. First car, don't ask..)

Mike aka Bullittoid
DHG #1161

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Wow... Ok.. so I feel insignifigant. :wink:

2001 Bullitt #171.. Mine
1999 Escort SE... wife
(2002 Explorer 4x4 on order, work truck)

1978 LTDII X-squad car. (First car)
1983 Escort (247,000 miles)
1980 Subaru Wagon (POS but I loved it)
1981 Cutlass Supreme 260 V8(?).. called it the "Invisible Speed" cause it was SLOOOOOW.
1991 Escort LX (143,000 miles)
1995 Ranger XLT
1999 Escort SE (sold to my Dad so I could get the Bullitt)

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Insignificant?? Not compared to my list:

01 DHG Bullitt # 0428

98 Mustang V6 Coupe
96 Chevy Cavalier (wife's)
89 Toyota 4Runner
85 Chevy Celebrity (wife's)
77 Pontiac Sunbird
74 Triumph Spitfire 1500
72 Ford Pinto
71 Honda CL175K5 Motorcycle
64 Chevy Impala Coupe (Mom's [who never learned to drive] car)
64 Buick Wildcat (Dad's car, what I learned to drive in!)

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My current holding:
DHG Bullitt #1673
01 explorer SWMBO's dd
94 F150 markIII 5.0l aod, my dd
66 mustang coupe,2892v,c4,8in.rear,project
9yo 4hoof hayburner,38in tall and rotten to the born,back yard helper.

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01 Bullitt 1007
73 Mach 1 351CJ
67 Fastback Mustang
84 F150 4X4
99 Jeep TJ

95 GT Mustang conv
94 Laser
95 F150 2x4
92 Ranger
84 Areostar
84 Tempo
78 Elcamo
82 Escort
70 Fairlane
70 Rancho Sqiure, 429 Ramair, 4spd toploader, factory Tach, stagered Shocks 31 spline 3:50 pos.
70 428 CJ Grande Mustang with 427 side oilier, med riser, C-6, 411 weilded spiders
67 fairlane One bad 302
71 Torino
70 Torino Gt
66 Galiaxe
64 Thunderbird
talk about memory lane

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in sig. keep in mind that i am 20yrs old, i am afraid of oh many i will have when i have a larger amount of money coming in, currently a poor college student.

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01 DHG 2766
00 Jeep Cherokee Sport


00 Chrysler Intrepid ES (Wife's)
97 Mustang GT coupe
96 Chrysler Intrepid
92 Buick LeSabre Ltd
89 Buick LeSabre Ltd
89 Olds Ciera SL
86 Dodge Aries SE wagon
85 Olds Ciera Brm
82 Pontiac J2000 (later turn Sunbird)
80 Pontiac Firebird (4.9L 301V8...bit of a
sleeper, but fun for a
20 yr. old)
69 Volvo (4-wheel disc brakes with dual
carbs, from a 69..!!)

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currently: 2001 bullitt dhg 1994 mine
2000 f-150 sport sons
2001 honda accord wife
1973 2dr torino 351 c.j. Q code
mine since new

past: oy vay what a list...and this is just
partial lol..just the fords
99 f-150
98 mustang gt
94 mustang gt
90 f 150
88 f 150
93 t bird
90 t bird
85 mustang gt
79 mustang v-6 /4 speed
76 cobra II ( ugh )302 / 4speed
73 mach-1 351
72 grand torino sport 351
72 mach-1 351-H.O.
3 71 BOSS 351's
12 70 BOSS 302's (including my original
Boss I ordered and bought in 70)
8 67-70 misc shelby's
70 maverick with 351 put in
67 fairlane gt 427/4 speed
67 mustang coupe 289

oh yeah and my first ford ,a 63 galaxie 390
with 3 dueces and a 4

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Heh. Even you who consider yourselves "insignificant" make me feel even worse :razz:

2001 DHG Bullitt #968 (Mine)
1996 Escort (Wife's)

1985 Escort (Mine)
1991 Escort (Mine)
1993 Tracer Wagon (Wife's)

I do believe that I have the shortest list here. So there! :wink:

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1969 AMC AMX 390 and of course, the Bullitt.

1998 Ford Mustang GT
1996 Pontiac Grand Am
1990 Pontiac Grand Prix
1980 Chevy Monte Carlo
1971 Ford Bronco
1970 AMC Rebel Machine
1969 AMC SC/Rambler

The Bullitt's keeping me happy for now, but I know the need for something new is not far off.

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2001 DHG Bullitt (mine)
1999 Escort SE (wife)
1999 F-350 4X4 Diesel Dualie Crew Cab(mine)
1992 Explorer (#2 son)
1995 Contour LX (#1 son)
1990 Sable (ours)
1989 Escort (no one wants to claim it)

Past (Only vehicles of interest)
1971 Torino GT conv 429 CJ
1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback
1967 Mustang Coupe
1969 Mustang Coupe
1970 Mustang Mach 1 351 w/shaker hood
1972 Mustang Coupe
1983 Mustang GT Fastback
1994 Mustang GT conv
1973 Cougar XR-7
1979 IH Scout (it isn't a car, it isn't a truck, it's a Scout)
Plus about 10 other various trucks, vans and cars. Including the Scout only two that were not Ford's. The other one was a Charger.

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Between my father and I we have or had lots of stangs. Considering i got him into Mustangs when I bought my 68. Here is the list:

68 Gulf Stream Aqua Coupe
70 Mach One with Shaker Hood
80 Coupe used as dirt track car
88 LX with 351W (ex-4cyd car)
92 LX Convertible 5.0
93 GT Convertible ESP auto-x car
01 Bullitt DHG #180

So as you can see we are a Stang family. I drag race my 68 and auto-x the Bullitt. My father at the age of 66 drag races the 88 stang and wants to auto-x it to see how he would do.

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Well, when you see my list you'll know why I'm so ecstatic to own my Bullitt. Currently we have:

'01 DHG #2832 (mine)
'00 Jetta (oldest daughter's and first non-Ford purchase)
'99 Windstar (mine)
'99 Taurus SE (Hubby's)
'92 Tempo V6 (youngest daughter's -we've owned it since it was new - currently has 202K mi. on it and still runs)

Previous Rides (aka hall of shame):
'86 Mercury Colony Park (THE BEAST-mine)
'84 Tempo (hubby's)
'80 Buick Century 4 speed (I'm not lying)(mine-donated by father-in-law)
'82 Tempo 4 speed (ours-totaled in '84 :sad:)
'81 Fiesta Orange w/Brown stripe (mine- UGLY!)
'81 Fiesta Silver w/Blue stripe (mine-totaled after one month)
'78 Fiesta Maroon w/silver stripe (mine)
'73 Maverick (butt-ugly and unfortunately mine)

Can you tell I get A-plan? My dad worked for Ford for 28 years.

Tracy Brown

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Bullitt # 2989 in dark highland green.Then a 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora with the Autobahn Package in pearl white.Then a 1996 Eagle Vision TSI with the Performance and Handling Group which is designed for the European market (no speed limiter-139 if you are curious.This car is black with chrome factory wheels.All trim is either blacked out or taken off.Nobody seems to know what kind of a car it is!Then 1988 Mustand Lx 5.0 Convertible with a 5spd,leather interior (white),all available options.It is medium regatta blue with a white top.This was the last year for the speed density set up.Versus the mass air set up these cars had a slight performance advantage when stock,but were not as easy to modify.Lastly,for family use a 1995 E150 Sherrod conversion van with everything!As for the past,too many to list:anything from early 70 drag pack cars to a 1995 Saleen S351!
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