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Paging llama_boy....

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So what route do you think you are going to take regarding the gear install? I am ready to buy the gears, but the only thing that turns me away is the install price and speedo correction chip. I am in Plano, so if you have found anyone, please, let me know. Thanks
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I am still undecided. I will be outa country for 5-6 weeks right after I get the gears, so I was planning on putting off the install until then. This also allows me to spread out the cost a bit.

So far I am leaning toward lone star performance
They are about $200 for the install and I have heard good things about them. Also I am still working an angle with a local private mechanic for a $75 install, but I will need a reference or two before turning over 4137!

As far as speed correction I will prolly go with the cheapest thing available. There is one form Amber? that cost about $80. I will install this and the D/S then take the car to get the gears installed.

hope this helps.
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