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Anybody know if this is still a project he is working on, did they just give up. I remember that there were several people who were interested. If you have any info, please pass it on.

Joe Schwartz
2001 Mustang Bullitt GT DHG #00238

BBK Underdrive Pulleys
Magna-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust

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Paul Svinicki of Paul's High Performance...
just call or email them and ask about the status. Paul had to make the move to new "digs" so everything got put on hold
early last year, Paul offered a "swap out" package for the 96 to 98 Cobra where he did an extrude hone on the intake ,a custom chip, and added something else. it netted 40 RWHP at peak! pretty nice gains for minimal mods.
he was trying to work on a similar package for the BULLITT but he's also got to get ready for this summer's NMRA season so the Bullitt package probably got pushed back again.
i know some racers who swear by him so i'm just going to hang in there
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