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Pauls High Performance update.

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Just got off the phone with a tech from Pauls. What they are doing is putting all the stuff the bullitt comes with on a 2002 Mustang Gt. Then they are going to port the intake and rework some other parts of the car to get it to run better. He also informed me the springs rates we currently have on the Bullitts are very good they are about what they sell for big $$. He says the car will be ready by summer.
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I have been waiting for this magical Paul'sHP kit for over 4 months. Now the only news is that PHP is going to put the stock Bullitt stuff on a stock GT and then start making further modifications then come up with a package for us Bullitt owners! Sounds like more than a few months away to me.. more like a winter project after next year's racing season.

How about a date? Hell even if PHP said they would have a stageI kit by October I might continue waiting.

I know Paul's is supposed to be the end all gods of mustang performance, but I think I will stop waiting for divine intervention and start practicing a little voodoo..
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