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3 women all passed away at the same time and were waiting at the pearly gates for St. Peter
when St.Peter approached the first woman he had a file folder in his hand and asked the woman what she dies of. the big ''C'' she said , yes cancer is taking many of you way too soon but you have led a good life ... and he let her in

the second woman approached the gate and St. Peter..... same routine , different folder.... he asked what she died of....she answered the big "H".... yes he said,
too much stress now a days on earth and that heart attacks are a major cause of people passing before their time shoudl be up.... but you too have led a good life and let the second woman inside

the third woman stood by the gate in her micro mini skirt with low cut blouse and spike high heels... full make up and hair going on,, sSt. Peter looked at his file and at the woman and was confused.... yolanda's my name she said , and I died of the big "G".... St peter was puzzled... he never heard of the big "G"...
whats the big "g" he asked...... yolanda answered gonorrhea
St.peter said...well that certainly is awful but you don't die of gonorrhea

you sure do when uz gives it to big willy..........

all 3 were admitted that afternoon....... :)
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