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Pensacola Mustang Show

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For those of you that thought about going to the Pensacola show last weekend and didn't you missed a great show. The weather was great and there were Mustangs everywhere. I took a bunch of pics but they are all huge and I don't have time right this second to edit them down.

I think there were three Bullitt's entered in the show, two DHG and one black. There was also a DHG Bullitt in the for sale area but I didn't see anyone around it to talk to.

The only Bullitt owner I talked to was Jim5081 who tracked me down when he saw me and my girl friend drive up in my Bullitt. Jim was there last year and has made numerous changes to his car. It is fun walking around it and trying to pick out everything he has done. I think I did pretty good picking out the things he had done since last year. I didn't get a picture of your car this year Jim but here is one of the pics I took last year (notice you still had the Bullitt wheels).

One of the local Ford dealers had a brand new Shelby GT there (not the GT500). According to the window stickers the car starts out as a Mustang GT with a MSRP of ~$30,000. Add ~$9,500 for the Shelby package and then $10,000 for limited availability and you have a $50,000 Mustang. I am pretty sure we have talked about dealer markups before so I will resist the urge to go there again.

All in all it was a great show that I would recommend to all of you next year.


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