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On 2001-05-21 22:58, TripleDuck wrote:
We just took delivery of #1256 and I'm kinda disappointed in the acceleration. I previously owned an 87GT (5.0L) and that thing would really romp. Based upon the (published) torque/hp specs, I expected a lot more out of the new Bullitt. Any thoughts?

It will grow on you. :smile:

I think the "speed" you are feeling might be a bit more refined than the 87. I had an 86 (and 85) GT, and I do agree, it "felt" faster, but I know this one is much quicker than my 86. I do think that this is a much tighter car. Its hard for me to explain, but I know where you are coming from. I was suprised by how the new Bullitt felt.

Did you ever run your 87 at the strip? Its gonna be hard to get a good idea of differences from "seat of the pants" comparisons.

I still miss the Holley 4 barrel on my '85.. :smile:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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