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Talked with Bill Alexander today about the Bullitt Club Nationals.

He said they would love to have us and could guarantee a seperate parking spot for the show and said members of Team Mustang would be there.

He said he didn't know if we could have a seperate BULLITT Bracket but suggested we enter the MODULAR MOTOR class.

He also felt that with a large enough showing, it may lead to bigger and better things with Ford in the long run (future events).

Bill said it was too early to be making specific plans and wants me to keep him informed in the coming months on BULLITT info.

I think we can still work the BULLITT Bracket on our own with everyones time slips (mb4875 will work this since he's judged these before) :grin:

I would like to extend an invitation to the McQueen foundation to see if Chad would show. Does anyone have contact info for them?

Keep the ideas flowing folks. September is not too far away!

More later...


Wade Koch
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Wade: Suggestions for our group to ask of Organizers.
1. A BullittClub parade of members cars down the pit return lane during a break in the Action on Saturday.
2.Team Mustang people to sign our time sheets.
Just ideas to think about.

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When I emailed the ford fun site to ask the best class for me. This is the reply. I feel our class is important if we wish to maybe (certainly) win.
The True Steet class is perfect since the et is not critical. The winners are racers who can get closest to the 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, etc et's. There is no heads-up action. Also, on Sunday, the same True Street cars run in an exclusive bracket challenge, again making your car as good as any. Come on out. It's fun.
George Klass
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Hello George
I'm writing you to ask a question. I'm 54 and own a 2001 Bullitt Mustang. I plan on racing and going to Ford Fun Weekends. I have not raced since the 70's and cannot seem to understand what class I should register in. I believe True Street but don't see how I can be competitive with my 13.99 best time car.
Thank You

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