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I've heard it said.."its not size that counts" Lol

trophy on the left of engine..Gold Ft Lauderdale mca show

center..mca 25th anniversary pewter plate Atlanta

Biggin...Gainesville Raceway..Fun Ford Weekend...Classic Designs Concepts pic for Best..
Not too shabby for now. Lots of shows comming up soon.

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BEER :lol: 1600 now but I have to go
running first!

Fred, that is impressive! I am interested
in showing DHG 3875. I may be contacting
you for tips...I have never entered a car

BTW, were any points ever taken off for
your damaged hologram?

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"look at the size of yours" ROFLMAO !!
nice pics and nice trophies Fred!!
thanks for sharing

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I'm back...had to get a cold one!
How are you and your better half...I said that for my own protection LOL
PY no point deduction for the decal.
Gotta keep it clean...I mean the Bullitt!!
I polish the chassis at least once a month, 4 jackstands, all wheels off,wash and polish everything. Engine compartment all of the time, wipe and shine, remove as much as you can..clean and reassemble, armorall all plastic parts. Treat leather every couple of weeks...keep it soft. My fellow workers at KSC look at me like I'm crazy every day. I brush off my floor mats everytime I get out of the Bullitt and I keep a pump spray bottle of water and a polishing rag with me so I can wipe off my front bumper everytime I get of the car...thats not obsessive is it???
Looks like the day I picked it up on 5/05/01

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Thanks for the tips Fred!
I don't think you are obsessive at all.
You may think I am after I tell you this.

I do not wear street shoes in my Bullitt.
I sit in the seat with feet outside car.
Remove street shoes and place in green
Rubbermaid tub on passenger side. I drive
in socks. (or racing shoes that stay in the
car) The pedals can get scratched easily, and
there is no dirt in the floor pan, just minor

My Bullitt sleeps in the garage under a tan
flannel and also a Dustop on top of that.
It is a clear/dry day cruiser only.

Is that obsessive? :lol:

I am not that much of a psycho...I have drag
raced it and plan on many more 1/4 mile runs
this summer...I just hate dirt and dust.

BTW, I have access to a lift which I have
already used to detail the undercarriage
with Pledge, what do you use to detail the

DHG #3875
BULLITT chase scene recreated on rear dash
with Revell 1/25 scale 68 GT 390 Fastback and
68 Charger R/T metal body models. Unfortunately
the hub caps don't come off the Charger.

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