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PHP Bullitt hop-up kit update........

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Talked to Paul the other day. He is getting back to work on the Bullitt kit. It will include a ported intake exchange. He didn't give any details on power gain or price. However his feelings on long tube headers,for a street type setup are.....just sitck with the shorty header. Hey from some research I did, they were making 261 RWHP,with them on a setup like the Bullitt back in 1997. This was with the stock cat back exhaust,but with a 2 1/2 O/R H-pipe!
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I also like the idea of 261RWHP! :grin: Keep everyone informed.

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would adding shorties void the warranty? I also like the idea of more HP!! :-B
Be careful guys, remember our intakes are known for producing torque. Torque is what is responsible for neck snapping power. Some mods will increase HP, but at the expense of low end torque. Don't forget that our cars will beat a Cobra to 50 mph and only be .05 secs behind at 60 mph. Yeah the Cobra wins in the 1/4 mile, but who runs that on a daily basis? Top end HP isn't usable in every-day-around-town driving. Long tube headers are also known for torque. Add those to what we already have and get out the neck braces. #1790 goes in for Mac long tubes and Mac cat h-pipe on the 28th. I'll let you know if it was worth it. Just a reminder not to rely on HP numbers alone. :smile:

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