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Ive been going to a lot of shows lately and have been taking a lot of pics, so Im going to catch up with all of the galleries in one post, working from most recent backwards. Ive added a lot of show info to my site just click here: also make sure to sign up on the forum Ive added so that you may start to share your own pics and partake in the car community that is SoCal (even if you don't live in SoCal). Enjoy.

On Thursday the monthly Rods and Woodies show kicked off in Encinitas. Went down checked out some cars, listened to some music and had some beers.

Full gallery contains 123 pics:

On Sunday I went to the Cruisin Brea Show. My first time to this show, pretty cool. Lots of killer cars and I had a lot of fun although I was only there for a short period of time.

Full gallery contains 144 pics:

Immediately after I was done at the Cruisin' Brea show I headed straight over to Rodeo Dr for the concours show. Although the caliber of cars was spectacular the setup was a PIA, the cars were roped off and you couldnt get close enough to most to truly appreciate them and there were so many people there it was difficult to even catch a glimpse of the cars no less take pics of them. But the people watching was very entertaining, the model photoshoot with the Veyron was also a lot of fun and the free drinks from Porsche Design kept the day moving along nicely.

Full gallery contains 204 pics:

My last stop of the day for Sunday, was very short, not a lot of pics but some pretty nice cars.

Full gallery contains 43 pics:

Saturday I took a spin up to Cars and Coffee in a sick Vanquish, did a write up on the car and my review of it here:

and Cars and Coffee was a lot of fun too, many great cars as usual and for a great cause. Everyone was having fun taking turns giving rides in the cars to the kids in the far section of the parking lot, that was until the Irvine PD put an end to that. I was having so much fun, and spent a lot of time talking to people that unfortunately I didnt take many pics, sorry. To find out more and see the pics click here (Full gallery contains 126 pics):

Left C&C at 9am and rushed down to Sorrento Valley for their show at their service center. Not a big turnout but still very cool cars.

Full gallery contains 124 pics:

The previous Saturday I went with my buddies in a Gallardo and Murcielago up to Cars and Coffee again for Lambo day.

Full gallery contains 201 pics:

After C&C we rushed back because I had to get over to North County Fair Mall to meet up with SoCalStangs to head up to Irwindale for the track day I organized. Id like to thank all of those who came for making it a very fun night, Irwindale for having us and Stangwerks for hooking us up with some grub and a place to break after a long drive before heading over to Irwindale!

Full gallery contains 217 pics:

And on the Sunday before that I went down to the Spanish Landing to check out a BMW show.

Full gallery contains 151 pics:

After the BMW show I went to the Dalton's show in San Marcos. Very big turnout, when I got there the lot was full. If you havent been to this one yet and get a chance to Id recommend it, great free show!

Full gallery contains 180 pics:

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