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Pictures & Stories from the Steve McQueen 30th Anniversary Tribune & Film Festival:

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Pictures & Stories from the Steve McQueen 30th Anniversary Tribune & Film Festival:

Hey guys, I figure since so many of us involved with drivers duty I figured it would be good start a thread to share.

Anyway here's some of mine.

Lots of funny stories but the best for me had to be when we finally settled on who was driving who (a story in and of itself because some of the VIPs wanted to couble up leaving some of our Loyal Bullittheads high & dry).

Anyway I ended up driving Chad's son's - Steven & Chase. Great kids I have to say - well mannered and personable. I'm sure my 10 & 7 year old daughters will love that as they reconized Steven from some Disney movies in the pictures I showed them prior to leaving this morning. But what was really funny was that just as we where about to leave the "W" Hotel's to the Theater – Chad jumps out of the lead car & comes up to my window – leans in & puts his hand on my shoulder & says: “No pressure – but you should know you've got the only surviving male Steve McQueen gene pool riding in your car.”

DOH! :shock:

Oh yeah – “No Pressure” – we all laughed about it but at that point I realized that “IF” there was an accident of any sort – I didn’t want to survive it with that on my head. ;)

Anyway it was a great event - I just wished it'd turned out better for some of the other Bullittheads who had worked so hard for this and been involved from the start...
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I drove Neile McQueen Toffel to the event. I was supposed to pick her up at her home in Beverly Hills at 6 pm - made it at 6:01. Not bad considering traffic and the fact that it’s way up in the hills and a bit hard to find! On the way to the theater we talked about how Hollywood has changed in 40 years and some of the cars she’s owned. She was very charming and gracious, but wasn’t afraid to tease me a little for not changing down into first gear at one point when traffic started to move again. We were supposed to arrive last, at 6:40pm., and I pulled up to the theater just as my clock changed to 6:39 to find we were …..3rd to arrive. I found out at that point that most of the plan had gone out the window quite a while ago. Such is the way of Hollywood!
The night was a lot of fun for me; in addition to Neile, I met Robert Vaughn and Don Gordon. Both were very gracious to all of us. In the remarks before the film started, Don Gordon said that this would be the first time since Steve’s death that he’d seen one of Steve’s movies. And it sounds like I need to buy Robert Vaughn’s book.
I didn’t take any pictures, because my camera is pretty bulky, and I was supposed to be driving anyway. So I hope some of the others will be able to deliver in that department.
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The organizers now have their photo album up on their website:

Including thanks to all the Bullitt owners!
Spelled mine wrong too, but I'm used to it by now.
The organizers have put up some more photos from the event on their facebook page, and promise more to come. Still hoping for a video or two!
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