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Pictures & Stories from the Steve McQueen 30th Anniversary Tribune & Film Festival:

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Pictures & Stories from the Steve McQueen 30th Anniversary Tribune & Film Festival:

Hey guys, I figure since so many of us involved with drivers duty I figured it would be good start a thread to share.

Anyway here's some of mine.

Lots of funny stories but the best for me had to be when we finally settled on who was driving who (a story in and of itself because some of the VIPs wanted to couble up leaving some of our Loyal Bullittheads high & dry).

Anyway I ended up driving Chad's son's - Steven & Chase. Great kids I have to say - well mannered and personable. I'm sure my 10 & 7 year old daughters will love that as they reconized Steven from some Disney movies in the pictures I showed them prior to leaving this morning. But what was really funny was that just as we where about to leave the "W" Hotel's to the Theater – Chad jumps out of the lead car & comes up to my window – leans in & puts his hand on my shoulder & says: “No pressure – but you should know you've got the only surviving male Steve McQueen gene pool riding in your car.”

DOH! :shock:

Oh yeah – “No Pressure” – we all laughed about it but at that point I realized that “IF” there was an accident of any sort – I didn’t want to survive it with that on my head. ;)

Anyway it was a great event - I just wished it'd turned out better for some of the other Bullittheads who had worked so hard for this and been involved from the start...
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A New Yorker made to feel right at home

Greetings from NYC and please accept my apology for not posting sooner. My recovery time after jetting to LA and back in 36 hours was a bit longer than I expected.

This was an overwhelming, once-in-a-lifetime event on many levels. I continue to be honored to be associated with this amazing club, where people take care of each other the way I wish more people did. Thanks to Bret, Rocky, and Mike for making me feel right at home (and to Mike for giving me the benefit of his "home court" knowledge of how to get to Hollywood from Irvine during rush hour). I'm sure Steve McQueen smiles from "up there" thinking not just about his association with Mustangs but how his unique Mustang has attracted such a fine group of people. I wish I could have spent more time with you guys, but - since I now have a girlfriend in Irvine - "I'll be back". ;)

Lu and I arrived a few minutes after 7 and were greeted by Bret, who appeared to have everything he'd been dealing with under control and helped me calm down from the adrenaline rush I was feeling. And since the event was supposed to be under way, Lu and I hustled ourselves inside to figure out where to sit (but not before a nice guy who seemed less busy took Lu and my picture).

Inside, the place was packed. And since I had no idea where the other IMBOC members were, I focused on finding two seats in what was a very crowded VIP seating area. We wound up sitting in the center in the last VIP row, which was great for watching "Bullitt" but meant the stars on stage were pretty far away. (Sorry for all those wondering how Jacqueline Bisset looked.)

But once the show got started (after a few technical difficulties), it didn't matter where we were sitting. It was just wonderful to hear Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn, and Don Gordon share their memories.

Jacqueline talked about how easy Steve was to work with during her audition (and how hyper he was during the filming of the movie) and how she spent something like 10 weeks in San Francisco before filming of her scenes began getting used to what living there was like (including how to drive without slipping backwards). She talked about being the only woman in a film full of tough guys, and I got the feeling she didn't really appreciate the importance of her role in balancing out all those guys in the film. She also talked about how she had to drive with Steve as her passenger in one scene, and how he really didn't like being the passenger. But I think she said he did complement her on being a good driver "for a woman".

Robert talked about having made three movies with Steve - "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Towering Inferno" being the others - which spanned most of his career. He shared some great stories about Steve's competitive side when it came to filming scenes with Yull Brynner (who apparently had a fancier gun and bigger horse) and how he (Robert) didn't really like the "Bullitt" script at first. But as the salary Steve offered him went up, his impression of the script improved. And he also found someone to make suggestions for improving it, all of which were rejected. Robert also said he hadn't ever seen "Bullitt" on the big screen. Personally, I think the overall film is very good; and Robert's scenes with Steve showcase a key aspect of Lt. Frank Bullitt's personality (and Steve's)... how they deal with authority figures they don't respect by basically ignoring them and doing what they know must be done.

Don talked about his close friendship with Steve and how he hadn't watched any of Steve's movies since Steve died. That made the evening even more special for me, thinking about how Don was finally going to watch his close friend at his prime after so many years.

The final part before the movie began involved Chad being recognized for keeping his dad's spirit alive, especially through his support of the Boy's Republic school (which I learned also has a Girl's Republic sister school). A Proclamation for the LA City Council was presented, the veterans in the audience were recognized, three Marines came on stage as well, and then all the people associated with "Bullitt" came on stage one last time... including the composer, Lalo Shifrin.

After the film - which looked and sounded great in a new print specially made for the celebration - I managed to work my way to Lalo Shifrin, who was kind enough to autograph my limited edition CD of the "Bullitt" soundtrack.

Once outside, Lu and I met Rocky and Mike - who also looked great in what I think should be the official IMBOC "dress uniform" of dark blue turtleneck and sports coat - and off we went, not having had any real dinner but needing to get back to Irvine.

My apologies to Bret, Rocky, and Mike for not hanging out more at the end.

Below are some pics, including of the event's program. I particularly like the one where the Cinerama sign is reflected off the Bullitt's parked out front.

Thanks again, guys, for making me feel so at home. And Mike, it was great talking to you on Friday while I drove to LAX.

I had hoped to be with the California Bullittheads last summer, and am real happy I got to meet some of you this time! :)



P1010139 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010140 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010144 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010145 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010146 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010157 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010204 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010205 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010207 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010211 by SteveBrant, on Flickr

P1010210 by SteveBrant, on Flickr
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texasbullitt said:
great story and pix steve , but coming from you I would expect nothing less.... bravo
Hey Mark -

Glad you liked what I wrote. I think I wrote it so I'd remember it really happened! :lol:

I've gone to some other special events in the past (like the 1997 memorial to Jimmy Stewart in his home town of Indiana, PA), but I've never been welcomed by local people the way Bret, Rocky, and Mike did (or had a girlfriend waiting for me either). This was a real "pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming" experience!


Great pics!... and links to vids and Variety review!

Bret08 said:
Here are some more pictures from the event from the organizers’ Facebook page.

And for those who missed the event or just wanted to see Jacqueline Bisset up close - I think she's as stunning as ever.

Wow! Great pictures, Bret!

And thanks for posting the close-up of Jacqueline Bisset. :clap:

I just found where the Jules Verne people are on Facebook. They've got links there to Robert Vaughn's interview on KTLA's Morning Show and some coverage by NBC News too. Plus they've got Variety's review of their event too!

What a great find! Thanks!


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What a GREAT video! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks for posting it, Bret! There sure are some great pics in it of the Bullittheads who helped make the event a success.

And I LOVE the one of Jacqueline Bisset being driven away from the event! :) :) :)

Say Mike (JcodeBullitt), do you have any stories to tell about driving Ms. Bisset home? I'd love to hear any thoughts she shared with you about the evening!


L.A. City Council's Resolution honoring Steve

The Jules Verne Festival just posted the complete text of the L.A. City Council's Resolution honoring Steve on their Facebook page.

Here's what it says:

WHEREAS, Steve McQueen has been widely acknowledged as a legendary screen star, bringing us the pleasure of his company in such iconic films as The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Love With the Proper Stranger, The Cincinnati Kid, The Sand Pebbles (for which he earned an Academy Award Best Actor nomination), The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, Junior Bonner, The Getaway, and Papillon; and

WHEREAS, Mr. McQueen, while giving cinematic life to the mythic American adventurer, was also an adventurer in real life: an avid, professional-level auto and motorcycle racer; an amateur flyer; and a United States Marine who saved the lives of five fellow Marines during an Arctic exercise and served as part of a Marine honor guard assigned to protect President Harry Truman; and

WHEREAS, Mr. McQueen, consigned as an adolescent “incorrigible” to the California Junior Boys Republic in Chino, soon became a member of the institution’s Boys Council and, throughout his years of celebrity, maintained a close relationship with Boys Republic, donating time and money, returning to provide conversation and advice, and answering every letter he received from the boys; and

WHEREAS, Mr. McQueen, a Los Angeles resident from the 1940s, was a well-known and beloved figure in the Brentwood neighborhood where he lived for many years, and a man who brought international fame to the Los Angeles lifestyle; and

WHEREAS, Mr. McQueen is a genuine icon of our popular culture, one whose fame endures three decades after his passing; and

WHEREAS, Mr. McQueen is being honored, on the 30th anniversary of his death, with the Jules Verne Film Festival’s “Legendaire” Award for Outstanding Contribution to Motion Pictures and to the American Myth, at a ceremony to be held November 11th in Hollywood;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that by the adoption of this resolution, the Los Angeles City Council does hereby commend Steve McQueen as a renaissance man of the arts, as a significant representative of American culture, and as a citizen devoted to the welfare of our young people."
Those sure are some fine words honoring a great man!


Jacqueline Bisset

JcodeBullitt said:
Steve NYC,
During the drive home, Miss Bisset seemed very happy with the outcome of the event. She mentioned about how long it had been since seeing her co-stars, and was glad to see them all together again. She also told me that Peter Yates was very ill, and in the hospital in the U.K.:cry: I asked her about the Porsche she drove in the movie. She said it belonged to the Asst. Director, and that she really enjoyed driving the car. So all in all, a great time, and good memories for all involved.:cool:
Mike -

Thanks VERY much for adding this story to the evening's memories. :) :) :)

I'm sorry to hear Peter Yates is ill. :( I'll have to see if there's any news of his condition online.

That aside, I can only imagine how great you must feel for having had this unique opportunity to drive a very special lady to and from the event. Congratulations!


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