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After 30+ years of running and tuning Holley carbs,for a combo of street and strip,I decided to try something new.
So, I bought an Edelbrock Thunder series 800 cfm AVS carb,for my 357 Windsor powered 85 LX. Seems the Edelbrock refined Carter AVS, will deliver much improved cruising performance,read as leaner, and great WOT power and response.
So far I am very impressed with the way the carb performs,along with the ease of getting it tuned in to my setup. I now can cruise at 65 MPH,in 5th, with a nice mid 14 A/F ratio,instead of the high 12's with my best Holley setup. The response,power and sound of the secondary air door opening up,brings back some fond muscle car memories!
For all out Race,the Holley might be better,but for more street than race,you can't go wrong with some Thunder! If you buy one,get the tune kit to go with it.
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