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Poll for Ticking, 1-2 grind, knocking

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Since a lot of people are experiencing some or all three of these problems I thought It might help if we could see if there is any relationship between earlier or later Bullitts.

Ticking is described as sounding like an exhaust leak but coming from the dash area and of course is louder if you raise the hood. Starting to believe this is coming from the fuel rail

1-2 grind, will be any kind of bump, hesitation, extra effort needed when going from 1-2 and you defiently do not get the same with other shifts. Will probably get better when the trans heats up.

Knocking when cold will be when you first start it up it has a loud heavy metalic knock that goes away after a few seconds, may be worse around 3000 rpms

#388 02 flash on the PCM
Ticking NO
1-2 grind YES
Knocking NO

Mid Life Crisis #388

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? did the 02flash cure pinging above 3000 RPM, and did it diminish performance?
?2 qualify the tranny 1-2 crunch guys...are you talking gear clash, stiffness in the throw, clunkiness, what? I've got stiff throw, like it catches on that a sign of the problem?
?3 also, what about the cold problem, like a very metallic vibration above 3000 rpm only when cold?

answers for 3230
ticking yes
tranny grind yes (stiffness?)
knocking yes
cold noise yes
grind 1-2=no


As mentioned before, both grind and knock go away when the engine is warm.
My #5578 is one of the last Bullitts made and has the KSG2 code.
Knocking..YES...I think. When cold the car has a horrible sound like a diesel engine, or like my old '68 with a header gasket leak at around 3,000 rpm. It totally disappears after a couple minute warm up.
Thought I'd add this to the survey...
Driver side window broke...YES

Black#5578 born Wed 8-22-01
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Ticking - YES
1-2 problem - NO
Knock - NO
#1934 -- 02 flash on the PCM
Ticking NO
1-2 grind YES -- ONLY WHEN COLD
Knocking YES -- ONLY WHEN COLD -->


Dark Highland Green #1934
Bone Stock except for a deep Zaino Shine!

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Bullitt #2731

02 flash on the PCM
Ticking NO
1-2 grind Yes (only when cold)
Knocking NO

Bullitt #4456

02 flash on the PCM
Ticking YES
1-2 grind Yes (only when cold)
Knocking NO
Bullitt #2066

02 Computer
Ticking NO
1-2 grind Yes (only when cold, feels like it catches on something)
Knocking NO

Ticking - sometimes - see below.
Grind - yes
Knocking - no

I've sent an E-Mail to Art Hyde concerning these issues. He has responded with "more info is needed".

The ticking/exhaust leak noise can be controlled on my car. When running gas lower than 93 octane it has the problem. When I put 93 in it stops. Absolutely no noise. It migh be a good test for all "ticking" cars to try 93 and let everyone know. Art states that the the Fuel Rail is probably the issue. How do we test and/or verify this????
1-2 probs = yes, only when cold

rattle = yes - when cold

also have noisy first gear - even whith clutch depressed and coasting to that first stop sign 100 feet from the house.
Bullitt #353 has no engine or trans probelms with just over 6000 miles.

Ticking NO
1-2 grind NO
Knocking NO
Computer 01
Ticking NO
1-2 grind(catch when cold) YES
Knocking NO
Ticking-yes. 1-2 Shift-no. Cold Noise-yes. WixBullitt
Have tried 87,89 and 93 octane gas from different brand name stations and it makes no difference in the tick sound. My car ticks from the minute it starts until the minute i turn it off, whether its cold or warm. The 1-2 gear grind does however go away after about 30 mins of driving the car. I have not experienced any of this clunking or knocking that some people are getting from the drivetrain yet, if i start getting that then it will probably be the straw that breaks the camels back for me.
Flash = 01
Ticking = Yes (only when air temp is cool <60 degrees)
Shift = No
Knock = No only run 93 octane.
Ticking = No
1-2 Grind = Yes
Knock = No

Is the grind something I should go to the dealer about?
Well, I have some two sets of answers here;-)...

#227 with orginal engine.
Ticking NO
1-2 grind NO
Knocking NO

#227 with NEW engine.

Ticking YES

Hope this helps.

I'm taking the car back to the dealer to take a look at it. Have them check some other things they did while they had the car as well. Just love leaving the car with them again and again and again and again...NOT!!! two + months of down time is just about enough;-(...

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01 Flash
Knock= NO
Grind= NO

Runs like a dream...
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