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Love the fact that polls are here!

This could be great for satisfying alot of curiosity and statistics on different details. Could you set it up so that one has to be logged in and can only vote once per poll per login name?

It would be great to have a poll page with

color dhg/tb/black

one for each major problem that's been noted (yes/no do you have clunk, paint issues, spotted headlights, misaligned pipes, loose lugs, power steering leak, etc...)

Common mods

Might just be cool to see what other bullittheads are doing to their cars, in what percentage, how common the various problems are, etc, etc...


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No, I can only log votes by IP with the current software (ie. you don't have to be a registered member to vote, but it will only let you vote once per each computer. This is an oversimplification, but you get the idea).

Ideas for new polls noted. I'll probably keep an active poll up for a week, then add a new one, at least that is my intent so far (old polls will still be available and working ongoing).
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