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Well it was pretty hot saturday but the show still went on.Normally about 250 cars register to race in different classes but only 170 showed.I guess the heat kept some away.Anyway the air show was spectacular.The guys driving the vintage mustangs (gt350) always put on a show.

I didn't make it in time to the car show but I got to drive the patriot course which is a 1.1 mile elevated road course .The gentleman hesitated to let me go but later said if I didn't pass the pace car and show my rump I could go 4 laps which was the remaining time left.I must say I pushed it pretty hard a few times but backed off .

The car handle really well for the times I did get on it.The pace car was a VW Golf .I have to say he was killing me in the turns .Not bad for the first time.I tell you the turns would come up on you quick.And with the elevation it was intense until I learned the track.
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I had my 2001 Bullitt in the show. Yes it was hot out there! There were some really great cars in the pit area,especially those fast Can Am cars!
Had a great time doing the four laps in the Bullitt,hanging right on the tail of a 1971 LT-1 Vette!
I saw another 2001 Bullitt,but he was parked in the spectator area I believe.
Maybe, one day, I can make one of the real track events during a club day.
I think the price of fuel has a big effect on car count at some of these small,classic events.
I'm concerned that,as the price of fuel goes higher,these type of events will dissappear. That would be a sad day!
Anyway, we all had a great time,very well worth the 20 dollar entry fee!!
Oh and you should have seen that unpainted aluminum bodied 427 Cobra which had the stripes polished into the body!
Yea I wished I would have been able to see the car show.Next year.
Hopefully I will be able to mae it next year as well. Sounds like a great time!
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