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I had my 2001 Bullitt in the show. Yes it was hot out there! There were some really great cars in the pit area,especially those fast Can Am cars!
Had a great time doing the four laps in the Bullitt,hanging right on the tail of a 1971 LT-1 Vette!
I saw another 2001 Bullitt,but he was parked in the spectator area I believe.
Maybe, one day, I can make one of the real track events during a club day.
I think the price of fuel has a big effect on car count at some of these small,classic events.
I'm concerned that,as the price of fuel goes higher,these type of events will dissappear. That would be a sad day!
Anyway, we all had a great time,very well worth the 20 dollar entry fee!!
Oh and you should have seen that unpainted aluminum bodied 427 Cobra which had the stripes polished into the body!
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