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Precautions when dropping off our Bullitts

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With 4090 being totaled by the dealer, there must be a better way! Is it possible to go with the "tech" after having work done? Do dealers allow this? Should we note the mileage with the service manager? Should we ask to be present during all work!

I dread the day I have to leave 4137 with some "tech"!
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I know the feeling. I had an appointment the other day and parking was messed up. I was forced to use the valet parking. It wasn't until I handed the key to the guy that the alarm went off in my head..."What in the hell are you doing!!!!".:eek:

The whole time I was inside I was sweating bullitts. Luckily, nothing happend to my car. I noted the milage also, it was driven .2 miles. Whew.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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