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Private message alert.

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Whenever I get a private, the alert is somewhat camoflaged against the rest of the printing. What if you had a "new message" alert either flash on and off, or just make it maybe red in color. Very easy to miss, as it is now. You couldn't miss it if it was flashing.



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Assuming this doens't break people (its javascript, and a bit finicky), I'll leave that blinking function in place. (send yourself a private message so you can see the alert).

if anyone sees any weirdness, or javascript errors, shoot me an email.

I'll leave it unless I hear that its breaking a bunch of people.
Whoops... I had a bug in the code that would affect netscape users.

I *think* i have it fixed now. :wink:
Are you sure? You didn't read the private message (which will flip off the "new" flag). its working on netscape here as well as IE.

Which version of NES and on what OS?

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On 2002-02-24 23:05, TwoStangWmn wrote:
B-Man, it works great! Even for me! LOL

Hey, can it blink just a little faster, though? No, just kidding! LOL


I *can* change the blink rate if needed.
let me know if you want it to blink faster... and I am working on a fix for Netscape 6.x

As far as keeping track of what you sent in PM, sorry. The software would take much more work that I am capable of to fix that. Unless there was a way I could force quoting.. dunno.

1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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