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pro 5.0 vs. tri-ax

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I'm not sure which is better ?

Can anyone compare the two for me?

I'm even considering waiting for hurst to come out with thiers!
Any help here would be hot!
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01bullitt, I've had both in my Bullitt. I like the Pro 5 better maybe because my previous stangs all had Pro 5s. You can't go wrong with either. The steeda handle is better that the Pro 5. But a Pro 5 with a MGW handle is sweet. Best buys for either shifter can be found at
Ask for Joe.

Well, just hammered #66 around a road course Sunday which requires multiple shifts per lap with heel toe down shifts. Never missed one and the Triax shifter and transmission performed flawlessly.

Can you use the stock shifter handle with either?
Not sure why you would want to use the stock shifter handle but Pro 5 sells a kit for $10 bucks that adapts the stock handle to their shifter. You do mean handle and not knob? The stock knob works on both.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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