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On 2001-06-02 12:10, Bullitt295 wrote:
on my bullitt the red powder coating on the caliper is flaking, my dealer told me I,m to fussy and let it along. I spent almost 4,000 for this pakage. and I feel that they shoud resolve this problem. I like to know what the othr dealers are telling you guys and gals. My dash is the same way my son picked it out, tell me what is fussy and what would be considered not. thanks, I still feel we all got a real good car besides the malformaties

Tell your dealer to kiss your you know what and fix it. That sort of attitude is unacceptable. This is a collectors vehicle (no matter what its actual value will be), and you paid a premium price for same. The dealer should realize the sort of advertising he will get with a happy Bullitt owner.

Personally, I'd talk to one of the salesguys and get a face to face with the Dealer's Ford rep the next time that person is there.

MAKE them correct it, and consider finding a new dealer.

My two cents. :smile:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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