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Proof Supercharged #4660 exists.....

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Here is a few pics of True Blue Supercharged #4660.


Jay, Irvine CA
True Blue #4660 Vortech SQ S/C,Bassani X-pipe,Borla cat back,Tri-Ax,Alum D/S,18" Nittos on rear,Xenon spoiler,Powerslot rotors & Hawk HPS pads,MGW int,FR500 wheel

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Jay - That Blue sure is purty. So is that picture with the hood up! You've done pretty much wwhat I plan on doing in the future but right now I've only got 2500 miles on the car and still haven't gotten to know it yet. My DHG is #4693 so we're only 33 cars apart. I'm wondering if you had or are having any mechanical probs that I should be looking out for? I'm aware of all the possible problems that have plagued some of us but so far I seem pretty trouble free.
(Can you hear me knocking?) Anyway, since we're so close in the production run any probs you may have might also affect me (or not) Your car looks great and must be fast as hell. Some day...Thanks, Tony
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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