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Proof Supercharged #4660 exists.....

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Here is a few pics of True Blue Supercharged #4660.


Jay, Irvine CA
True Blue #4660 Vortech SQ S/C,Bassani X-pipe,Borla cat back,Tri-Ax,Alum D/S,18" Nittos on rear,Xenon spoiler,Powerslot rotors & Hawk HPS pads,MGW int,FR500 wheel

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How long did it take to install the Vortech system? Is it something the average guy with all the tools can install on a Saturday and terrorize the populace with Sunday? Also, is your general driveability the same? Oddly enough, I am considering the very same setup once that pesky warranty expires.....
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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