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Well I shouldn't say they are mixed. It clearly makes more power, the thing is I just didn't get any quicker.

As some of you may remember back in December I ran a 13.81 @ 100.26 and a 13.86 at just over 100. That was at a Funday Sunday event when the track is usually better. Generally speaking, when I drive the car to the track, 50 miles or so, I usually end up with 14.0's on T&T nights. Even on Nittos, it's hard to get a decent 60'on Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Wednesday I took it out for the first time with the pulleys and Timing Adjuster (set at 13 degrees). I managed a 13.81, 13.95 and a 13.86 :smile: On the 13.81 run it was with a 2.08 60', a full 1/10 over the 1.98 it managed at Funday. The car really felt fast, but the 100.86 trap speed didn't show that.

Overall it's hard to compare the two 13.81 runs. It would lead most to believe the mods didn't help. But with a much worse 60' and the car being heatsoaked, I think it picked up quite a bit just being able to match the previous best. BTW, the strangest run was the 13.95 run. It spun terribly with a 2.20 60'. On the last several outings a 2.20 60' has resulted in 14.14 -14.20 runs.

I really would like to lay down a good 1.90 60' just to see what it would do :smile: I'm going to try to go out tomorrow and crank the timing up a little more. Then there is a Funday Sunday in a couple days.
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01GTB, Check out the Track compound that's sold by Jegs it's on page 219 of there latest catolog. 1 is called track Bite and the other is called Traction treatment. It gets applied to your tires for better traction I don't know anyone that has used it I'm going to order it and try it with my Nitto's.
The trouble your having is your 60' and bad track prep.Maybe it will help? The track bite is only $19.99 the other is $29.99 a gallon not much money if it works.

Jegs 1-800-345-4545

Has anyone out there use this?
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