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Push-start ignition questions!

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I have always wanted a push-start ignition, either that or a spring-loaded toggle switch. They have cool push-buttons at I'm interested in putting one in, however I don't know if anything else would be needed, and what if anything is all involved in installing one of those. Would it work, even with the so-called 'chip' in our key that is needed to start the engine? Would this be an item that could void warranty in certain areas? Any sort of help or advice would be appreciated.
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Ok, sounds good. I don't really know how to install it though...I could if I had good directions. Also where could I put it? I was thinking that the other blank spot for the fog-lamp switch would work, but once again, I don't know what I'm doing with that stuff. If I wanted to get it installed, where would I go for that?
That brings back some painfull memories,when I did the same,way back,to my '67 VW. Somehow a wire shorted out in the front trunk area,behind the dashboard,and wires started to get real hot,real fast! So it was either watch it burn or grab,with my bare hand,some nice red hot wire. Needless to say,I went for the wire,and was able to use my palm for a neat wire size gage,burn grooves,for several months!!! Just the cost of being a teenager on a learning curve!!!

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The very first to do is to get a wiring diagram from Ford to ensure you splice into the correct wires. Wiring in a push button or momentary (spring loaded) switch would not be difficult, they are still used on at least half of the heavy duty trucks on the road today.
I've thought about this mod, but it seems like rice to me. No offense intended, but when someone says, "So what's the benefit of that mod?", I want to be able to answer it. Especially since it may be the question they ask right after, "So, is that hood scoop functional?" :eek:

I'm not really knocking you, because I do think it is cool. But does it serve a purpose?

PS: The button in the S2000 is a nice one! But it would look out of place in the blank spot by the TC/Defroster.


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I doen't need to serve a purpose - just his ego.
It could be done but I don't think I would recommend it.

The ignition switch connector is C209 and the two wires of interest are pin B4 LG/VT and STA WH/PK. I would guess that LG/VT stands for a light green wire with a purple stripe and WH/PK a white wire with a pink stripe. Anyways these two wires are connected together in the start position so a momentary contact switch on these should do the trick. That is the good part.

The bad part is that there are a couple of power feeds that are cut off in start. This is probably done mostly to make more power available to the starter motor. By the time you run it all down, most of the car is turned off in start. Of particular concern would be the "restraint control". I would not want to be putting transient voltage into the SRS control box.

This all comes off of a Ford service manual disk I picked up off of Ebay for $16.00. A worthwhile investment for what ifs like this.

Alright, thanks for all your input and opinions! I decided not to go with the switch for now, for the reasons stated by the last post, but as well as the switch costs $75.00, which isn't really worth it to me. It still would be cool to have, but not worth the price or risks. I love this club!
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